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The Mortgage calculators at the bottom of this page are there to provide you with guidance of what could be your repayments.

We have a number of close relationships with banks, both National and Local, where we believe we can achieve a preferable rate for you.  We will also advise on the type of Mortgage package and ensure you attain the flexibility you require for the purchase of your property.

All products in France are generally repayment mortgages (there are no Interest Only mortgages for the entire term of the mortgage) but they do vary depending on the property deal.


15, 20, 25 or 30 year terms are available


  1. Fixed for the entire period
  2. Fixed for an initial period then variable.  With these you do have the ability to purchase a cap as to how much the interest rate can rise given within a period of time.  On the other hand if interest rates were to fall then your mortgage payments will decrease.
  3. Variable rate.

We will advise you on all of the products above and detail what repayments would be for certain products at that particular time.

You may be purchasing a property which requires substantial works.  In this instance it is possible to structure a deal where the bank will lend you additional monies to complete these works.  Upon a professional completing the works and issuing a bill the bank will then pay directly.  Also during the refurbishment period you can negotiate to pay Interest Only on the loan to keep repayments low until completion of the works.

The loan to value ratio on your property does vary dependent upon each individual’s circumstances.  However, French banks are willing to loan up to 75%-80% in some cases.  In all instances you will have to provide evidence of your current loans and of your earnings.

Please use the Mortgage Calculators below to provide you with an estimate as to your repayments.  Alternatively if you have a monthly repayment figure in mind then use the Estimate Loan Calculator.  We would emphasize that this is only an indicative exercise to give you a rough idea of repayments at this current time.  As previously mentioned each individual’s circumstances are different and the rate can therefore vary.

If you were to base your calculations on a 25 year term, with an Interest Rate of 3.9%, it would provide you with a good guide to repayments or borrowing potential.

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