Example of Costs and Timeline

TimeReasonPurchaser costBank
Day 1Make an Offer0
Offer Accepted
2 - 3 WeeksCompromies de Vente
10% Deposit to be paid10000
7 day cooling off period passes
3 MonthsActe de Vente (final purchase) to be signed
80% from loan from bank80000
Remaining 10% to be paid10000
Notaire fees and Government taxes (7.5%)7500
Possible other costs
Mortgage broker (1% of loan)800
Yearly CostsProperty Holding Costs
Insurance (from day of purchase)
Taxe d'habitation
Taxe fonciere 

Taxe Fonciere – You pay this as a property owner in France – half for the local commune (local authority) and half for the state of France.

Taxe Habitation – This is paid by those using the property so if you let the property out all year it is the tenants who would take charge of this tax. If you were to let out your property on a weekly / holiday basis, then you would still be liable for this tax.

These are annual taxes (bills being sent at the end of the calendar year. Most people pay them monthly, by direct debit).  

 If you are buying an apartment, you will also be liable for maintenance charges.  Please ensure you are made aware of exactly what these charges are and when they are to be paid.

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