As we are a member of both the FNAIM (National Real Estate Federation) and the Chamber of the Real Estate Experts to France we are able to write the first draft of the Compromis de Vente. This gives you the peace of mind that we are not just handing you straight over to the Notaire once the deal is agreed. We will act in your best interests so that you are completely aware and understand all of the detail within this document.

It is quite common for the Notaire to act for both parties, however if the purchaser would like to instruct their own Notaire they can do so at no additional cost. Sometimes having 2 Notaires can complicate the process. At Morzine Immobilier we can advise you on all points of the legal contract. However if you feel it is necessary to appoint a second Notaire we have an excellent relationship with Local notaires who would be happy to recommend to you.

The fee for the Notaire is paid by the purchaser. These are fixed from the outset and are generally around 7% of the price of your property (this figure does vary dependent upon the price of property). However, if your property is less than 5 years old this will be reduced to around 3%.

The first job for the Notaire is to draft the “Compromis de Vente”   The details of this will be completed by Morzine Immobilier and we will therefore be able to guide you through step by step explaining each clause. All documents can be translated into English at your request.

Compromis de Vente

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