The Ideal Property

Luckily not everyone is looking for the same French property! It is important to decide from the outset what your purchase is primarily for;

  • A holiday home
  • An occasional weekend get away
  • For a rental opportunity
  • A run-down chalet with refurbishment/redevelopment potential
  • Relocating to France or the Morzine area

All of these points and many more will affect the type of French property you will purchase.

Each category is slightly different and will have an impact on what you purchase.

Then there are the different areas in and around Morzine. Do you want to be centre of town in the thick of the action or perhaps one of the surrounding French villages with a slightly more laid back approach to life.

Will you have a car, will you be relying on public transport or would you like everything to be in walking distance?

Do you want a building project or full property renovation or maybe something that can be lived in for the time being?

Will you want to rent this property out whilst you are not there or do you want to lock your home knowing that it’s safe and secure until your next visit?

All of these points and many more will affect the type of property you will purchase. We will obviously show you a large array of properties until you know for sure you’ve made the correct choice.

The Offer

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